Monday, 14 April 2008

Blaming the referee isn't the easy way out - Welcome..

And so I decided to add my voice to the saturated field that is Arsenal blogs.

I hope to try and say something different to what others say, otherwise this would be completely pointless.

My mother, doesn't like football. But when I was younger, and I came back from the North Bank she would tell me about how important it was that I was gallant in defeat. She claimed I could never admit Arsenal had lost fairly, but rather I chose to blame the referee. With greater maturity, I can now recognise when Arsenal deserved to lose - the game to Boro away this season is a perfect example.

But to blame Howard Webb for what happened yesterday is entirely legitimate. It wasn't just the fact that personally I think the penalty is a 50-50 decision, and the free-kick they scored from wasn't a free-kick. That wasn't the only problem. We picked up 6 bookings yesterday. How many were merited? 2, 3 at most. But if Webb had given them to both teams it would have been understandable: Hleb gets booked for kicking the ball away, after he had been stopped in full flow for no good reason and good old Howard had given a free-kick against us; two minutes later, Hargreaves does the same thing and gets told to calm down. Fair? I think not. Teams pick up 6 booking in especially dirty games - this wasn't one but Webb repeatedly booked our players and stopped the game at any opportunity. Sure, we might not be as direct as Manure, but the referee exascerbated this by repeatedly stopping the game when it made much more sense to let it continue. His performance was frankly cretinous.

People say luck evens itself out over the season. This is absolute tripe. I can remember over the entire season two decisions going for us which might not have: Eduardo's second goal against Everton which probably did have a touch of arm in it. And his goal against Man City which may have been offside. Goodplaya wrote a good article about this just since Mid-February, but if I wanted to I could extend his list.

I've heard people saying the Spuds have had a better season than us. When a friend texted this to me, I found it really funny simply because their fans really will kid themselves into anything. Once again, we took 6 points off them in the league, and made a challenge for it. Arsene was right when he says nothing has gone for us in the last few weeks and if some decisions had, we could be celebrating a double in Red Square. But its no use crying over spilt milk. What's done is done, but we've made good progress this season as opposed to that team up the road who have gone backwards.

I'll try and write something tomorrow

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