Tuesday, 15 April 2008


The Times today links us with several players in the event that Arsene decides to 'splash the cash' in the summer. These players are all young and talented but you get the impression that the theory behind the article is false. In my opinion, the best player of the 5 they suggest is Marek Hamsik. He really is very talented. But the point they make is very true: he is very similar to Hleb. It seems to me that the press want a squad overhaul when what it really needs is a tweak.

I'm just sat here thinking that they can't have their cake and eat it. Following the sale of Diarra, some journalists commented that Wenger shouldn't have built up such a strong midfield that Diarra wouldn't get to play. Now, with hindsight, they tell us we should have had a stronger squad. You can't have it both ways....

Personally, I think this squad has very little wrong with it. I think Wenger was put in a difficult position last summer: of course we needed a winger but having just sold one in Reyes, it was difficult to justify buying a replacement. And it was difficult to foresee just how long we would be without Rosicknote for. We could do with a winger, and it probably wouldn't harm to get a striker in on loan. I say on loan, because if Eduardo can get back, it's not worth the outlay on another striker. As a certain poster I saw said, he is 'Broken not Beaten'.

And that leaves the position that everybody has been criticising in our team: Centre-back. Philippe Senderos is no finished article but he's 22 years old - This video from the '02 FA Cup Final, although showing a memorable day for Arsenal and two great goals, from an objective viewpoint, the Chelsea defence can do better with both goals. The young centre back who misses his tackle for the first goal, and whom Freddie muscles past for the second goal is John Terry. Terry is, although I hate to say it, a world-class centre-back and we should give Senderos time to mature. Especially considering some of his great performances such as those in both legs against Milan. Gallas is a great defender and a good captain - in cricket when Marcus Trescothick shows emotions he gets support - when Gallas did it he got criticised by the press for two months. Take from that what you want. Touré is still a great player who is a bit off-form, and Sagna can play centre-back. There are other areas of the squad which are in much greater need.

However, if I really wanted to improve this club I would get a decent medical staff who can actually treat injuries. Tomas Rosicky called his injury "irksome". It's not irksome - it's a fucking disgrace that a tweak to the knee ligaments puts him out for 4 months.

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