Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Reality and perspective lacking once more

Call me cynical, call me what you want, but taking this story seriously is absurd. To quote what Villa actually says, if the article can be trusted:

"I watch the Premier League a lot and the team I’m most attracted to is definitely Arsenal."

To paraphrase, Arsenal play the best football in England and I want to play good football. Therefore, I think that were I to move to England, Arsenal would be my first choice. These are definately nice sentiments, and I would be more than happy if he became an Arsenal player, but we need a sense of reality in terms of the fact that him actually signing for us is unlikely. And the story comes from The Sun. This is the same newspaper, who linked us with Rino Gattuso over the summer because - and I don't remember their exact words but this is close - he was asked for an interview after the CL final, and he was supposedly seen mouthing, in English obviously, "Fuck off, I'm going to Arsenal". Without wanting to dampen spirits, I feel there is little truth in this article.

What's more, although people use the phrase 'Wenger Signing' a lot, there is some deal of truth to it. He tends to sign realtively unknown players, as they commandeer a smaller transfer fee. Hence, he makes a profit net, almost every transfer window. In essence, Villa is not the type of player Wenger would generally sign, although he did say he wanted an experienced player. In my experience, second-guessing Wenger is a bad idea and we shall just have to wait and see as to what happens.

From reading the media, it seems there is a distinct possibility that we will sign Sho Ito this summer. To give a touch of background, he's a young Japanese striker who Wenger wanted a couple of years ago but couldn't get a work permit for him. It would make sense if he were signed this summer, as I believe he will now have an EU passport which will make things easier. Considering he was dubbed the 'Japanese Thierry Henry', I think he could do a really good job for the club, although he definately isn't the experienced player Wenger was alluding to. However, he would be a cheap acquisition who is clearly talented.

On the other hand, I worry that we may end up with too many, you talented strikers in the next couple of years. Having read the match report from the reserves, Barazite clearly had another good game, and if you consider that him, Vela, Bentdner, Sunu and possibly Ito could come through it's a frightening prospect. However, I would rather have too large a talent pool, than for it to be sparse. We'll just have to watch and wait.

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