Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Delving beyond the surface

Some people might wonder why I'm so happy we've signed an assistant physio. Essentially, what it comes down to is this: we didn't win the league this season, partly because of poor refereeing decisions, and partly because we didn't manage to get our players back from injuries quick enough. Sure, I accept RVP and Rosicky got injured. But the time period it took to bring them back was ridiculous. Or not bring them back in the case of Tomas.

Looking at it realistically, we tried to bring back RVP early, failed, and that ruled him out for an extra couple of months, and eventually Ade couldn't handle the burden. I respect that Gary Lewin is an excellent physio who has done an excellent job for many years on the pitch. However, this assistant physio's role is apparently going to be at the training ground. Whilst I know nothing about Neal Reynolds aside from the article I've linked to, the point is, is that in terms of dealing with injuries it can't get any worse for us.

People can speak about squad depth until the cows come home, have supper and go out again, but the fact is, is that we weren't short by 5 players last season. We were short by one or two at crucial moments. If we had been able to get RVP and Tomas fit again quickly after injuries, this problem would not have been there.

In essence, what pleases me is that Arsene has recognised the problem with the fitness side of the club. I remember reading somewhere, that Wenger should sack all the fitness staff and bring in new people who are more motivated. That is absolute rubbish as that implies that the people we have at the moment aren't trying to get the players fit whereas the reality is definitely the opposite. I mean, if that were true we might as well all just give up on success. But it's not: the reason bringing Reynolds in is a good ploy, is because his extra knowledge may help to ascertain what the problem is sooner, and how the best way is to deal with it. If our players are all fit, I believe success is an obvious step for the club to achieve.

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while but exams are tiring me out.


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