Monday, 5 May 2008

Different Answers

Firstly, it has been a long hiatus since I last blogged. Passover, GCSE oral's and various other factors combined have stopped me.

I have a feeling this is going to be a touch rambling as I have several different points to make. Regardless, try and read on. Please.

The Everton game was what I expected it to be. We were lacklustre and lethargic, yet Everton tried to play for 0-0, and in that respect got their just desserts. To be honest, I think these end of season games have very little value in terms of looking at the future of a team. In 2002-03, sure we won the last two league games with 10 goals, but that wasn't the reason we went unbeaten the next season. Personally, I would like to have seen a few more young players involved, although I was pleased Jens got a chance to say farewell, and so were the other people I've spoken to about this. In terms of making phenomenal saves, Jens is better but Almunia is more of a steady Eddie. Nonetheless, I wish the guy well for the future.

Flamini's gone
and in that respect, you have to wonder what he wants to do with his career. Sure, Milan are a 'big' club. But, their players are old as we demonstrated in the CL. As far as I see it - and I may be mistaken - he may be in the Freddie Ljungberg ilk. That is to say, Freddie was a good midfielder with an astonishing work rate, but he only was world-class during the spring of 2002. Perhaps, as happens to most players when they leave Arsenal, he will go backwards.

Anyone who is expecting a big reshuffle following Flamini leaving is in dreamland. Denilson will play a tad more but I expect Wenger to bring a young player through as a replacement. Or play Abou Diaby in his correct position? Never.

Rosicky was part of the lap of honour yesterday. Is he fit? Is he fuck.

More tomorrow

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