Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Flamini, Hleb and the MD Job

So maybe I was a tad harsh in my criticism of Flamini immediately following the news coming in. Steed Malbranque, is a very hard-working midfield player. However, that doesn't make him a good player. Flamini has more to him than work rate. What Mathieu Flamini isn't though is a £20 million player. Yes, in retrospect it's clear we'll miss him. But, imagine if Cesc left. That would be a much bigger blow to our club. The ideal player to replace him is Anderson. If Arsene can sign someone of that quality, then we will have improved our team by replacing Flamini. Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised or dis-heartened to give Abou Diaby a go in the middle of the park. However, whilst Diaby is talented he needs to bring some discipline to his game. Despite that, he's been at the club for 2 and a half injury-plagued seasons and he needs a chance to prove himself in his best position.

Reports suggest Hleb is going to follow Flamini out the club. People like Arseblogger suggest this isn't a big deal because he doesn't score a lot of goals. Now, I'm not going to bring some stupid comparison about how Bacary Sagna hasn't scored many goals. It's true, one would expect somebody in Hleb's position to score more goals. But his off-the-ball runs, his dribbling, and his incisive passing are key to a good amount of the goals we score. I would like Hleb to stay although I suppose if he doesn't, the money he buys out his contract with we can spend on a new player.

My worry is, that we needed two players anyway, and on top of this another two players may need time to gel, and as Chelsea have demonstrated, even though they've been in excellent form in the latter half of the season, these days it's very hard to pull back a deficit. I don't want another trophyless season!

I'm no great Myles Palmer fan - he talks himself up a lot and his criticism, of Adebayor in calling him a clown was ridiculous. The way in which he often criticises the team but has no solution to the problems he has decided are apparent, tend to make his opinions about as useful as a chocolate tea-pot. However, in his recent article, he made a very salient point. His argument was that we never did appoint a director of football. The fact we didn't do this, means that all transfer dealings are largely with Arsene. The huge amount of work involved in signing a player means he has a big job on his hands. Therefore, it is imperative that we can get someone who knows football and business on board as our MD. I'm not gonna give suggestions because I have no idea who its gonna be.

If Edelman was pushed or not, is neither here nor there. He's gone - but he did a good job in terms of running it like a proper business making a profit, and if Fizman did sack him as Myles suggests, then we had better bring someone in who can do a better job. Easily said, much harder to be done.

I'm going to go and cook some supper now.

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