Thursday, 8 May 2008

Views from the Chairman and the Manager

Its a nice day today for a change, so it won't be quite as long a blog as yesterday. Hopefully....

Peter Hill-Wood is quoted by The Telegraph as saying that the board have never denied Arsene Wenger money, and that money is there to spend. The trouble is that the board don't seem to be on quite the same wavelength as Wenger. The money will be there for several years because we are a big side who play Champions League football. But, Wenger has no wish to spend the vast amounts of money which are being thrown around by the papers as the amount of money we have to spend. I think part of the problem though, is that Hill-Wood has given a very stupid interview. When he says of Arsene Wenger "He is not very happy we didn't win anything. He takes it very much to heart but he seems to have recovered", that's a ridiculous thing to say in an interview. I mean, it's not like Wenger was going to be fucking overjoyed and hosting dinner parties in celebration of the fact we've had a trophyless season. The man has professional pride and wants to win. So why Hill-Wood is giving an interview saying that and that the board supports Wenger I have no idea. That latter sentiment implies he is under pressure for his job which is absolutely laughable.

I also think, that within that interview from Hill-Wood is a touch of defeatism. In my opinion, you shouldn't be speaking about how not winning anything next season would not be a disaster. Of course, in the actual fact of the matter he is correct. But, we should try and instill an attitude of that it is important for our club to win, because we want to win trophies and sit at the European Top Table. It really gets my goat - sure, we haven't spent any money really, but that doesn't mean that we should be resigning ourselves. And that, is the key issue: if we strive for success and don't reach it, that's one thing; but speaking about defeat before the season starts, is asking for trouble.

The Independent reports that Wenger wants to sign two players as I mentioned yesterday. But, they also report he's very keen for the current squad to stay together. Well, no shit - what did they think he was going to say? "This squad is terrible and it needs a great deal of change". As Wenger's view of football is about continuous development of the squad, and in order to do that, he wants to keep what he's got, that is his main aim, with transfer dealings on the backburner.

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