Monday, 27 October 2008

Thoughts on recent happennings

This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, but it may be the end of the beginning - Churchill

Churchill sums up where we are in the season - we are starting to see some sort of established order to the table. 10 games in is a good place to see how things are settling down.

Liverpool top the table. They actually played well yesterday to win - you always have to, to win at Stamford Bridge and this was no mean feat. But, they have had a considerable amount of luck go their way. Contentious decisions have generally gone their way. Will they be there at the end of the season?
To rule them out would be to act like a member of the press: to follow one's own agenda rather than looking at reality.
The press have consistently said we can't challenge, even though we did exactly that last year. I still think Liverpool have an unparalleled ability to concede unnecessary goals, and against better teams this may be shown up - time will tell.

Tottenham have got rid of Comolli and Ramos and replaced them with Harry Redknapp.

I suppose Comolli's job was always going to be under threat, once he managed the seemingly impossible job of finding a goalkeeper worse than Paul Robinson.

Levy claims they have tried the continental model and it hasn't worked so they've returned to a more traditional business model. The reality is, that Daniel Levy has a huge ego. The Tottenham fans were preparing a demo before their match against Bolton. Levy didn't want his name slurred so he brought in Harry to try and remove the opposition to him. This represents the real problem with Tottenham. They spent £10million+ to avoid having a demonstration against the club. The real problem is that they have brought in new players who need to acclimatise and gel.

The result of this, is that Modric will probably start to really impose his authority at the end of November. And Harry will be credited for this. But the reality will be that he'll have bulked up a bit. Tottenham will stay up because in England we have 4 teams who are better than all the Italian teams. Then are eight teams who would survive in Serie A. But, a relegated team in Serie A would finish 14th in the Premiership. There is no spread of quality.

Redknapp will do a decent job, because he'll be given money to spend. If Lassana Diarra returns to London, it will be very funny. But, he is not a world-class coach: he's above average. He seems to have made everybody forget he took a good Soton side down.

So, to us: We're playing better, but Cescy needs a rest. Trouble is, we can't afford to give it to him. I think we'll beat Tottenham because whilst the business side of the club is being run by a man who left school in his teens and is a pensioner, the footballing side is still working due to Mr. Wenger. I think we'll win one of the two trophies AW wants this season. But, if it is to be the league, we need greater consistency.

I want us to beat Tottenham because I hate them more than Cuntley Cunt. But, beating Tottenham does not make our season, whereas beating us, does make a Tottenham fans'. I think we will beat Tottenham because we're a better team and Adebayor always scores goals against them, but if it comes down to desire their fans probably care more about this fixture as it is the highlight of their season. Despite this, victory is likely. Tottenham, with Harry were lucky to beat a terrible Bolton side. Remember that.

I'll be in Block 26 if anyone wants to come say hello on Wednesday night.


Anonymous said...

i'll come say hello on wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I always say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating...

Anonymous said...

I write for the Guardian, and if you want to ever become a real journalist, do not start sentences with conjuctions.

Anonymous said...

The fact is: 'Cometh the hour, cometh the man', and this is the spirit we have to embrace tomorrow.