Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Well, well, well

Sport is the only entertainment where, no matter how many times you go back, you never know the ending. - Neil Simon

The referee shouldn't have played 4 minutes of injury time and the Arsenal defence should have reacted quicker when Modric's shot hit the post. But it doesn't matter.

We should never have been in a position when we were having to scramble shots out the box in the last minute to retain the 3 points we had played beautifully for up until the 89th minute. A cliché exists because it generally tells a truth and the fact we didn't play until the final whistle cost us.

It's not that hard to defend a one-goal lead. When Chelsea won the league under Mourinho they did it the whole time and were damned left, right and centre for being boring. They took the lead and shut up shot, much like George Graham's Arsenal side. Now, I know this side is young, and maybe naive, but you'd think that when we're playing injury time with a one-goal lead against a team who is playing in the biggest match of their season, we'd kill some time and make sure we defended the 3 points. Slow it down a bit, dribble it in the corner if we have to, but DON'T try and score a 5th goal and leave yourselves open to the counter attack.

I like Abou Diaby, but the comparisons with Vieira are ridiculous. Vieira would have settled his team down and told them to focus when the Spuds scored their third goal rather than trying hell for leather to score a fifth ourselves. What did Diaby do? He ran around the pitch, acting the goat, trying to do everything and in reality, just leaving a massive hole in the middle of the field. Maybe that hole can become more than a metaphor and swallow him up for his cretinous referreeing.

And a word for Wenger. I was pleased he took Walcott off - he was crap last night and kept on doing his old trick of running too fast and losing the ball. But why the fuck did he take Silvestre with two minutes to go - just to introduce greater defensive instability.

Considering how fired up they were a point wouldn't have been the worst result ever, but after having a lead like that it was an absolute shambles. And to see their supporters celebrating like they had won the cunting World Cup was an embarassment. Their still bottom of the league. And cunts.

I suppose that is the crucial point. We might not have won but we still represent civilised society against those cunts. And of course we can still win the league.



Anonymous said...

Dear Adam

I write for the Independent and we have been keeping our eyes on your puerile, dogmatic blog for a while now.

Our interest in you, however, dramatically dissipated at the end of your penultimate paragraph:

"Their still bottom of the league. And cunts."

Firstly, the last word is vulgar and in all forms of journalism is unacceptable.

Secondly, as I am sure you are aware, starting a sentence with 'and' is incorrect and casts a negative shadow over one's piece.

Finally, and most glaringly, was the use of the word 'their' instead of 'they're'. The effect of this was that you mentioned the bottom of the league belonging to Tottenham players/officials etc. rather than telling we the readers that they are bottom , as i'm sure you intended.

I always say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Here, the pudding is in that sentence, the eating is your three errors in
eight words, and the proof is that you are a poor excuse for a blogger.

Anonymous said...

Dear Adam,

I write for the Times, in particular the Game, (a football supplement on Mondays if your'e not familiar with it)and contrary to my friend from the Independent here, I was quite impressed by your piece. If you were to tone down on the obscenities, and perhaps brush up on some grammar and footballing terminology, I could look into getting you a possible spot on the FanzineFanzone bloggers section of the 'The Game' section of the Times website if you'd like? Here is a link if you haven't seen it before:

Keep up the good work and I may be in touch.

Anonymous said...

I don't write for a newspaper but I ifnd you funny, in a patronising sort of way.
That is all.