Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Lost in Translation

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - a classic used-car salesman line. But one Mr. Wenger seemed to adopt post-2005.

And the failing of that line is this: what he should have done is fixed it, before it became a problem. What needed fixing, and still does, is this Arsenal team. But now its "broke", it's going to take a long time to do so. Maybe.

Above is what the media want us to think. They love to overhype things.

The English media love to have a fall guy - they got rid of Curbishley through their scare-mongering, they got rid of Ramos through their rumour-mongering, and then, they came to Arsenal. What is it they say about casino's? - 'Quit whilst you're ahead' is the traditional phrase used. But the hacks on Fleet Street couldn't do that - they went for Arsenal, and in reality, they've been made to look foolish.

Rather than weakening Wenger's position, they've strengthened it. Through their actions, the best player at the club, is now tied to the club through the captaincy. And the best centre-back, who was beginning to be weighed down by the captaincy, is free to play his own game.

After the Man City game I was quite happy to go mental. I felt the failings of Arsenal at present were down to the board. And their unbelievably slow journey to appointing a new CEO. And they were incompetent.

David Dein, think what you like of him, was involved in sorting out transfers. Dein was kicked off the board 18 months ago, Wenger nearly followed him but didn't. However, in the aftermath of Dein's departure Arsene said we would appoint a Director of Football. The tabloids loved it - an excuse to fill their pages with more spurious rumours. Fact is though, a Director of Football still hasn't been appointed.

Then, 6 months ago, it was cheerio time for Keith Edelman. So, aside from the manager the two most influential people at the club had left: one sorted out transfers, the other made Arsenal a profitable business. And most criminal in my eyes, both their jobs were being done by 74-year-old Ken Friar. Ken has been a great servant of the club, but he was never going to be able to do both those jobs well.

And it looked like the chickens were coming home to roost - Arsenal had failed to sign the players, needed to take the club further. Thus, I was ready to vent my spleen at the club. But then, like manna from heaven, arrived Ivan Gazidis, our new CEO

I know next to nothing about him, but if it's taken them this long to find somebody, he must be good. Or fucking else. I mean would a FTSE company ever go for 6 months without a CEO? So why did Arsenal?

But that's all water under the bridge, that problem is now solved, all's well that ends well.

I genuinely believe that if we fail to win the league this year, the board can be blamed, simply for sheer incompetence. If the manager cannot sign the players he wants, the task of being successful is that much harder. We managed it last season in spite of Dein's absence. But, they've sorted this out, so I'm not going to labour the point.

Have we turned a corner? The number of corners we've turned this season we're in a bloody maze.But, this club is on the up. We're going to the last 16 of European Competition for the 9th year in a row - I'm not convinced anyone can top that.

I still think though that if we lost at Chelsea, we're making it nigh on impossible for us to win the league. But Arsenal Football Club thrives on nothing if not a siege mentality. There is no better place than Stamford Bridge than for Gallas to achieve redemption. William, please do so....



AShipley said...

i still go with my previous comment, that you should read through your blogs on word before posting them here. it saves odd syntax from appearing

Adam said...

ye but its such an effort...

Chelz4lyf_21 said...

'I still think though that if we lost at Chelsea, we're making it nigh on impossible for us to win the league'





G. Bernstein said...

how dare you blame it on the board.

wenger's fault.

get him out.
van persie is a rapist.
arsenal will never win the league again.
nor any other trophy.
you're a fairweather fan.



Anonymous said...

I mean would a FTSE company ever go for 6 months without a CEO? So why did Arsenal?
because Arsenal isn't a FTSE company?
just a thought- i know you know best.

Roy Sloane said...

I find you absolutely delusional, despite your promise as a historian. There is absolutely no way that the likes of that idiot of an ex-captain Gallas could be part of a title winning Arsenal team. You know that you aren't going to win the league. Have fun at Burnley on Tuesday, just don't be late for my lesson.