Thursday, 6 November 2008

Put them in their place

The title of today's blog refers to two things: firstly, what we should have done to Fenerbahce; secondly, what I'm going to do to Tony Pulis.

Tony or as I prefer to call him "Stupid Cunt who wears a baseball cap" had this to say:
I and my Football Club have tremendous respect for Mr Wenger and Arsenal Football Club, but as Mr Wenger is such a learned professional and on a great day in American electoral history, I would like to remind him of Abraham Lincoln’s great quotation, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

Maybe Stupid Cunt who wears a baseball cap (SCWWABC) was right to defend his team against the accusations of violence from Mr. Wenger. Personally, I don't think he had a leg to stand on, but neither does Heather Mills and I'm not criticising her. The problem with SCWWABC is that within those remarks he is taking the piss out of Arsene Wenger, and suggesting that his style of management is merely to spin some story rather than telling the truth.

Well, what has SCWWABC done in his career? Nothing. His playing career achieved nothing of note, and his biggest achievement is getting Stoke promoted as runners up of the Championship. And yet, he has the temerity to try and take the piss out of one of the finest managers in the history of football - not only that, but he almost tries to argue that he tactically outclassed him.

Well congratulations Mr. SCWWABC - your band of hoof-it merchants who believe it is better to foul someone than for them to pass the ball to their colleague beat an Arsenal side who didn't want to risk their lives. I can happy put Tony Pulis in his place on this blog today. However, he should also take notice of the fixture list. Yep, Stoke's final game is away at Arsenal. I wouldn't be expecting any favours Tony, and I for one hope Stoke go down, as they are the least footballingly ept team to every play in the Premiership. There one weapon is a foul throw - well personally, I say "good riddance".

We should have beaten Fenerbahce last night, no excuses. Were we terrible? No. Were we mediocre? Yes. And mediocrity will get us through the Champions League Group Stages. But what is obvious about Arsene Wenger's current Arsenal side is that they work on momentum - when they are winning, they will win several in a row; when they are not winning, the same is true. That was the real tragedy of Fenerbahce, which was that we didn't gain the momentum we could and should have gained ahead of the big weekend clash.

Fenerbahce played better at the Grove than they played in Istanbul. But with a fat Bobby Carlos still playing left-back, we should have slaughtered them. There's one player living on his name...

But, despite a better performance from Fenerbahce, they created next to nothing from open play. And that,was the tragedy: for all our possession and finesse, we needed to just put the ball in the back of the net. Clinical finishing will be the difference on Saturday between two fairly evenly matched sides. But, if we take our chances we will win. Ronaldo still goes missing in big games, and Evra plays too far forward which Theo, if he plays, may be able to exploit.

Ask any Gooner which game they would rather win, and they will say the Manure game. However, the fact is, that if we want to beat Man United, we need to have the form to beat Fenerbahce. The reason we didn't win by a similar margin to Porto, was that luck didn't quite go our way.

If all the luck in London can come support us on Saturday, we will easily win. But, w e haven't had any luck post-Birmingham; let's hope that's about to change.

On a moment which will please many gooners, the return of Eduardo is going to be soon, and let's hope he will have recovered fully unscashe, ready to bash goals in for us.

That's all...


Adam Bernstein said...

My name is Adam Bernstein and I write a blog on a free blogging website.

I think you make some marvellous points, and now that I spend all my time away from school, ill be able to sit here and blog nonsensically all day.

However, I intend to BREAK NOW as i need to go and cook some supper and play with popcorn, you should do likewise.

Keep the faith

Blogger Extraordinaire

adam bernstein said...

Oh, and ill be in Block 26 for ever

Anonymous said...

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Adam Bernstein said...

Oy Sam , I don't speak like that!!!

robs85 said...

FFS - will people stop fuckin commentin on this blog with fuckin stupid shit
Adam writes sum gd stuff and u fukin immature pricks an ur comments make him look fukin stupid

Anonymous said...

I have a new name for you - stupid cunt who writes a ridiculous blog(SCWRARB)

Anonymous said...

Bernstein you are a clown who writes like a four year old, it's embarrassing for you. Please just give up now!

Anonymous said...

Why do you still defend wenger
The quote by Pulis is absolutely spot on.wenger have been fooling everyone even the own fans of Arsenal where they can no more stand his bull shits!