Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Serious Times Ahead

This morning's papers haven't carried it as a big story, but apparently Fabregas is out till the end of March - he won't play till April.
Is Cesc's knee injury indicative of something greater? - the club itself breaking down or it is merely something unfortunate to happen to our talisman.

I think there's some truth in the former. Because what people didn't notice when Lady Nina went was that Richard Carr went too. He's traditional English. The same sort of stock as Peter Hill-Wood. Now, too points here: firstly, that's a further 5 per-cent gone from the lockdown although I don't think he'll sell; but more importantly, he had been a board member for 26 years. Lady Nina going is understandable - she was only brought onto the board because the club wanted to stop her from selling her stake. If she's decided she wants to sell, I can understand that. But Richard Carr resigning can only signify one thing: Lady Nina was treated badly.

The impression I'm getting is that Danny Fizman is running the club. As a matter of interest, I saw someone who looked like him in the pub, a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, apparently he had a series of arguments with Nina which culminated in her leaving the board. But more importantly, he treated her badly. Let her leave the board by all means: but keep friendly! In the economic downturn she won't sell her shares. Since Dein sold out the value of her stake has dropped by a third. But she will do in the future now we've gone and alienated her.

Meanwhile, the fans are supposed to think everything is all right. It's not. This club has massive problems. Yes, we can win the league, but to do that we'll have to accumulate 50+ points more by the end of the season. It doesn't look very likely. And if we fail to qualify for the Champions League and we don't win anything this year, Danny may be ruthless again.

Personally, I don't think you can sack Wenger. I don't think he ever would be, because he's done a good job, but I reckon he is pretty unsackable. He doesn't have a normal squad of players: he has a load of pampered 22-year-olds. Bring in another manager, and you'd see wholesale changes.

But, that doesn't mean he can stay the same. he has to recognise that although we're trying to be financially prudent, it's better to spend 20million and stay in the Champions League.

Yes, we've been unlucky, but when have Arsenal ever had any luck. It's not our way to do things the easy way. But can we start doing things the moderately hard way rather than the impossible way.

Otherwise, I'm sad to say it, but it could be cheerio time for Wenger. We can't afford to lose to Villa on Friday and then he needs to use the transfer window wisely. One or two clever purchases and we will be 'there' - ready to challenge once more.

It is possible. It can be done. As the American National Motto says: 'In Arsene we Trust'.

Lets hope it's not misplaced...

I'm going away for a week so have a good Christmas/Chanukah.

Till then,

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