Saturday, 31 January 2009

If the Premiership is the best league in the World...

In terms of finances, it may be.
In terms of attendances, it is second to the Bundesliga.
In terms of entertainment, it could be.

The Premiership occasionally gives great entertainment. Our match against United in November is indicative of that. But if the Premiership is the best league in the world, then world football is in a very sorry state.

It's all very well bemoaning top four dominance, but it will never end if 10 teams in the Premiership come away to The Grove, or Anfield, or the Bridge, and the limit of their ambitions is a point. It didn't used to be like this. And it will take a lot to change it. But much of the disparity between the top 5 or 6 teams and the rest is self-inflicted. Because whilst West Ham today may have managed what they set out to do, very few teams will stop Arsenal from scoring at home.

And it's the same across the board. Indeed, the reason we won't win the league this season is because we've conceded 25 goals already. That is what has to be termed as a leaky defence. Yet our defence was made look world-class today because of the limited ambition of the Hammers.

That's why the Premiership is a rubbish league. Because Arsenal are castigated for playing good football, rather than pumping up long-balls. Whilst this continues, English football will deteriorate. I'd love to argue that it's the closest season ever because the talent has become more spread throughout the league.

Yet it would not be the truth. The reason it has been closer, is because there have been more draws: mediocre teams are snatching points from the big teams. And they are all much of a muchness out of the bottom ten or so teams, because nobody has really truly talented players. If Arsenal keep on failing to win the League this season, it has nothing to do with no Plan B.

The little teams know how close this league is, is because they all play negative, spoiling tactics. Whilst it continues, the journalists will criticise Arsenal for failing to unlock tight-knit defences. Yet, when playing against a 'back 10' it is much more difficult. But that is why they are journalists, rather than managers.

Despite this, problems still abound, and I will look at those tomorrow.
'Till then,


paddy said...

Hi mate,
just read ure blog. Whilst you have come up with some very relevant points the reas we wont win the league is that we are simply not good enough. Arsene Wenger for all his genius is a very very very stubborn man and has simply let a superb arsenal side that won the double all those years ago and the unbeatables fall apart. We can not expect to win the league without going out and spending money. Its all very well saying let the youngsters come through but whilst developing these youngsters one needs to sign quality players as well and Mr Wenger is simply too stubborn. It pains me to see our beloved Arsenal struggling for 4th place, but maybe groiwng up we simply became spoilt and expected to challenge for the league every year. without quality signings im sorry to say that we will come 4th every year until we do so.

Raphael Levy said...

Just read the blog and couldn't disagree more!

*Because Arsenal are castigated for playing good football, rather than pumping up long-balls.* They arn't good enough to play good football - Manchester United play good football, slick passing moves just like Arsenal but unlike Arsenal, United can score goals - Arsenal can't. The only reason they get slaughtered is because they dont win anything - Good football is nothing unless you win something.

*Whilst it continues, the journalists will criticise Arsenal for failing to unlock tight-knit defences.* More proof that Arsenal are indeed not very good - United/Chelsea seem to do it fine. United against everton or Chelsea against Boro on Wednesday are just 2 examples.

*That's why the Premiership is a rubbish league* You only think that because Arsenal arn't good enough to win it.

AShipley said...