Thursday, 29 January 2009

Not-Bad-ison Park

Perspective has to be put on last nights' result. Straight after the match, it was easy to overplay this result. Whilst it was a positive draw, in that rather than deflating the team in being upset at not winning, they will be happy to have avoided defeat, when all is said and done it was still a draw. And a draw at Goodison is not a bad result. But whilst it's obvious to say, it's not a win.

And Arsenal need to win. I don't agree with the manager. His post-match comments suggest he is targeting 4th place. We should be aiming higher than that. Having said that, with players seemingly about to return, maybe we should look at the Champions League as the most likely trophy for us to win. After all, even I, the eternal optimist, see that a league triumph, whilst of a greater probability than the Loch Ness monster, is hardly a predictable thing. And the FA cup if results go as they are expected to, will have the Big 4 in the quarter finals. This gives it a concentration of talent which means it will take some big performances to win it.

The truth of the matter is, that last nights match was essentially make or break for our league campaign. Win, and we could honestly say the momentum was building towards a genuine title challenge. Lose, and we had a tough fight for 4th place. Yet in the end we drew: not a disaster, but it's just not Championship form

Indeed, without Robin Van, Christ knows where we would be. He's acting as a talisman, holding the team together. Yet, he needs support. We all know how well Ade and Eddie played together. Maybe they will get a chance too soon.

I genuinely think Wenger will get his cheque-book out. I just don't know who for...

So, we continue to play the waiting game.

Each match now takes on greater and greater significance: we've had ten consecutive years of Champions League football - we need to make sure its eleven. And we'll start making sure of that against West Ham.

Keep the faith,

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Anonymous said...

well then it clearly wasnt make or break! as u hav described it, it was make or break or a point somewhere in the middle!!