Friday, 9 January 2009

The Waiting Game

With neither the Carling Cup semi-finals, nor an FA Cup replay, we have a relatively quiet fixture schedule at the moment. It's one game a week and they're hardly mouth-watering fixtures. Portsmouth, Plymouth, Bolton and Hull. But what's important is that we build up some momentum by winning games like these. And we should.

That's why I haven't blogged about the Plymouth game at all. What would I have written in a preview? We should win. Not very interesting for anybody to read. What would a match report have said? Mediocre first half, better in the second half, Robin thrived on the captaincy. And that's it. It was workmanlike, but we're through and the FA Cup is a good chance to win a trophy again. An interesting point I was wondering about is will the media start writing hyperbolic pieces about Liverpool's decline if they win nothing this year - it would be the same time period without a trophy for which Arsenal have been much derided.

Anyway, aside from that, I've been doing what every other football fan in this country has been doing: watching the transfer window. And it's dull. Nine days in and Chelsea have sold their reserve left-back, and the Spuds have bought an over-priced striker. All in all, actual business has been slow. No, I retract that, it's been pretty much non-existent.

Basically, all a football fan can do is sit and read some rumours and hope that their team gets improved. But who, if anybody is going to come to Arsenal?

I don't know. I hold my hands up to that. I know a couple of journos, but I have little inside knowledge. Arshavin could come to Arsenal, Arsene hasn't denied it. And depending on which blog you read, that could mean a great deal.

You see, since he denied the Inler rumour, he now has to deny every persistent rumour, or it means they are coming to Arsenal.

Me, I'm going to sit tight and hope we see sign a player who is an improvement. That, is the crucial point. There's no use signing deadwood just to appease fans who want a signing: it needs to be worthwhile. Arsene knows that.

So gooners, sit tight, you never know: another squad number could be allocated soon.

Keep the faith,

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