Tuesday, 17 February 2009

About time too

Cautious optimism. That's what I was feeling in the 85th minute. We had scored five goals away from home the previous week, and had followed that up with an away win and a clean sheet. So what if our rivals were winning? We were too.

That's how I felt the last time we scored 4 goals at home. Or rather, how I felt before Spurs did their Lazarus impression and cranked up my hatred for them a few more notches which I didn't know had previously existed.

So hopefully, in scoring 4 again, this evening will prove to be the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. After all, tonight's game was a marker for something quite cyclical: the return of Eddie Silva. A year out and he returned with a brace.

The 'new' Eduardo song had become obsolete. The lyric "he broke his leg but he'll be back" was patently untrue. It wasn't that he will be back. Instead, he is back. Marvellous!

Medical experts said he would never walk again. Any of us who saw his bone sticking out of his sock worried for his career. Yet, 51 weeks later, he's back. The end of a cycle. We have a fresh, rejuvenated Croat ready to bang the goals in left, right, and centre in the season run-in. But he's so much more than horse-face was for United. He can score tap-ins and headers like the best finisher in the world. But he also shows immense creativity in order to tee up extra chances for the rest of our forward line.

He really is the complete forward and you have to remember who he was bought as a replacement for: Thierry. Could he be that good? Time will tell...

Hopefully by finally scoring 4 goals at home again we have finally proved a point, that we don't lack creativity and we do have the ability within our team to fashion chances and score goals. Frankly, it's about time too that we demonstrated this. But ultimately, whilst the league may be gone, two other trophies are very much to play for. And whilst Cardiff are lower-league opposition, if we keep on playing like that, we can beat anyone.

For once we played the swift, easy-on-the-eye, beautiful counter-attacking football for which we became famous. If we can keep that up, rather than simply passing sideways, there's hope yet.

Keep the faith,


Anonymous said...

id just like to make a point that is not particularly related to the blog, but to the game last night...
I know he has received enough praise recentley, but i think RVP deserves some more!
if u werent at the game u may not hav bn ble to see, but towards the end of the game (when we were 3-0 up) sagna went on an attack, RVP had just come on and could really easily hav just stayed up front looking to get on the scoresheet.
but he covered at RB for bacary, and then about two minutes later was rewarded with a goal!
he is always perceived as a talented player who doesnt work especially hard for the team, but this was wonderful proof that the opposite (not with regards to talent) is true!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out that, yes, it was a fantastic eye-catching performance by Arsenal and would agree with Joe that Van Persie deserves more credit. Over the past few years we have looked at the likes of Van Persie to lead from the front, and, one can make the assumption, he has not done us wrong.

However I would like to say before we start going into a new phase in Arsenals season, that although it was against Cardiff, who (although i'm not suggesting it based on the FA Cup), aren't anything compared to a premiership side. We need to carry on this attacking style of football we know Arsenal to produce.

When we come up against teams willing to sit back and hold out for draws, we are going to need the cutting edge shown yesterday to take us through. Looking at Eduardo and Bendtner playing last night, I thought they worked in tandem extremely well, however, now Van Persie comes back in, how are we going Eduardo to sort out the starting front two. It has to be said that Bendtner and Van Persie will start but if gets back to full match fitness and carries on showing the sharpness and clinical finishing we know him to have, then Wenger has to decide who will play. I don't believe we can leave Bendtner out however "bad" (according to many arsenal fans) he may be as he is a constant aerial threat unlike Eduardo or Van Persie.

Keep up the Good work Bernie,

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