Monday, 9 February 2009

It's the same old story

I said last week I would blog again on what the problems were. Then I thought I would leave it for another week, and yet the problems which I alluded, now only abound to a greater extent.

Very proudly the Arsenal website proclaimed that RVP had scored or assisted every goal in January as if this was a good thing. A GOOD THING!!!
For fucks sake, yes, RVP has been in great form. And thats jolly good. But did you see Man United publishing stories on their website last year, proclaiming Ronaldo's form? (They probably did, but that's beside the point). If we were winning games, I don't have a problem with praising our players. But the facts are these: RVP is a great individual but there is no team. If RVP does not score or assist, nobody does.

To all intents and purposes, we are reliant on one individual: Thats not something to be praised; its something to be bemoaned.
Look at our past four results:

Cardiff 0 Arsenal 0
Everton 1 Arsenal 1
Arsenal 0 West Ham 0
Spurs 0 Arsenal 0

One goal in four games. I grant you the Premiership has tightened up but still. Alas, you readers are probably thinking that now we've signed Arshavin this problem will be fixed. I disagree.

Because if Adebayor's finishing is that bad that he cannot score a single goal this year, and the rest of the midfield aren't creating chances, then our Russian will do nothing. He is a really, really good player. But he isn't superman.

Yet, with Chelski tottering we can still finish in the top 4. We won't win the league this season, but it is imperative to finish in the Champions League places and secure our position amongst the elite for another year.

And elite we are. Including Eboue. People who say he isn't fit to wear the shirt are wrong. He played really well yesterday for half an hour. He got himself sent off. From then we lost much of our attacking impetus. But that wasn't because we were down to ten men. Sagna, in posssibly his finest Arsenal performance, negated the impact of the sending off. The truth is, the reason we lost our impetus is because it came from Eboué.

If he can perform like that, with marauding runs and pressuring defenders, more often, then his stock will rise amongst Gooners. For me, the real fall guy is Kolo. If we can ship him off in the summer, then we have to. He was poor again yesterday. At least Eboue shows glimpses of a light at the end of a tunnel. Kolo is blighted by malaria. It's sad but true. The better Ivorian is number 27. Wenger likes him because he works hard. And in many ways, so should Gooners.

Eboue is similar to Freddie. Ljungberg had one great patch of form in the summer of 2002 and aside from that, he didn't do much. He threatened now and again, but apart from that, he was not that great. Yet, he was a fans favourites. For two reasons: firstly, he had a great song; and secondly, he had a phenomenal work rate. Eboue also has this, and as different from Ade, he ALWAYS tries his best.

So get behind him, and get behind the team.
Keep the faith...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

arsenals main problem is that their players just arnt that good

almunia- average
clichy/sagna - probly best 2 fullbacks in the league
toure - whats happened to you
gallas - not bad
song/denilson - both awful
rvp - only attacking threat of any kind, dont get me wrong though hes fucking brilliant
adebayor- just no
nasri - nothing better than ok

arshavin may help but obviously he will not really come close to filling the whole left by fabregas which will become permenant if champions league is not reached which will cause him to leave in summer. look at that team and ask where the chances are being made in midfield?

good piece though bernstein

Anonymous said...

You've hit the nail on the head there Bernie.
All the great terms have multiple goalscoring threats
Man U - Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez, Berb, giggs, scholes etc

Southampton - McGoaldrought, saganogoalski, cowpaterson etc

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I disagree with what you've said about Toure. He wasn't playing when he should have been and therefore lost confidence. Since he's been back in the side, he's improved week by week.

And Eboue is awful. He made a load of runs in the first half hour before getting himself sent off like a complete clown. But, there was no proper end product to these bursts of energy (shouldn't have shot when he did - Ade was in the box and shouldn't have pushed Woodgate, although that was also partly Ade's fault).

To highlight the point about Arsenal's team not being good enough:

Almunia - not good enough, despite what any Arsenal fan says.
Sagna & Clichy - good enough
Gallas & Toure - both individually good enough but need a Vidic alongside who just throws himself into every challenge without a care in the world.
Strongest midfield - Nasri, Fabregas, Arshavin, Walcott - strongest fully fit midfield but has no balance. Either negates Fabregas' attacking threat or leaves wide open space in front of back four. And if you drop Walcott/Nasri/Arshavin, who do play holding midfield? Diaby? Denilson? Song? Three AWFUL midfielders who shouldn't be at any Premiership club!!
Ade & RVP - not enough goals there. RVP isn't 30 a season and Ade is awful this year.

A. Bishoff PI said...

Eboue really isn't that good. Granted, he's a wonderful athlete, tries hard, and is surely the best second choice RB in the league, except maybe for that rafael fellow.

However, you do need to question what he's doing at right midfield; he couldn't shoot if his life depended on it, and his crossing , once called "the best in the squad" on, is shaky and often off target. His positioning is hardly top notch; admittedly he looked threatening at the beginning but when he was going down to the left corner flag he left clear gaps which that twat modric could have better exploited. His temperament is ridiculous- no need to justify that with evidence- and he's brought our reasonably honest team a bad name with some dives now and again.

Nor is he the worst-case scenario, a last resort. Why yes, you say, injuries to Rosicky (might be a death), Theo and Cesc and the Diaby suspension have shortened the options on the right for a while. Yet we still have Vela, Ramsey and Wilshere; all could play there (or Nasri could accommodate their playing on the left). Even Bendtner is a preferable choice on the right; he is beating men well now, and looked alright when he came on, some good flashes.

Do you , Adam, really think Eboue was the right option?

Anonymous said...


these are class CM pairings

how can u still have faith in ur manager for fielding SONG AND DENILSON in one of ur biggets matches of the season

i dont care about injuries coz everyone has them....

when ur chairman comes to grips with the fact that the likes of viera have been replaced with such shite, wenger will be on his bike

eboué said...

i dont care about injuries coz everyone has them....

you'd care if four players who would be playing otherwise missed a total of three years of football