Thursday, 5 March 2009

Disclaimer: this post could scare certain people.

Those of a nervous disposition look away now...

...On the corresponding weekend to Sunday's match against Burnley, last season we also played a match. In the Premiership. And guess what? It finished 0-0. Is this going to become an unlucky weekend? - I really, really hope not. I just cannot sit through another 0-0 draw. It's not so much the result as the paucity of effort amongst the headline writers. Can they seriously come up with nothing better than ArseNIL?

Having said that, this Burnley side got humbled 4-1 at the Shithole and only fought back at the Bridge once Chelsea had received a red card. They can pass it nicely, particularly Kyle Lafferty who has impressed me in the past. He is somebody who could play in the Premiership: he has a perfect name to fit in at Wigan or Blackburn.

In essence, this should be a regulation win: it's a lower division side at home in the cup. Anything other than a win is unforgivable. Especially when judging by the performance against Cardiff we are giving the FA Cup a serious amount of importance. Frankly, we are The Arsenal - yet, the fact anything other than a win is possible, document how we have come down a peg or two.

Sunday will give us a chance to re-re-welcome back Eddie Silva which will build the atmosphere and what's more, Theo could play according to the boss. Well there we go then. We might have an Arsenal side with some balance. Heaven forbid - Theo should stay on the bench.


The previous poll has now finished and the feeling about Cashley are interesting:

Overall, Aids won out over a simple guillotining and I am inclined to agree: I'd rather see him have prolonged suffering than a simple chop; having said that, being able to watch him die would be fun...

There's now a new poll to the right of the blog which focuses on Hleb. Any poll suggestions would be gratefully suggested although that one will stay for March.

Here's to a fruitful FA Cup weekend,
Keep the faith,


Carl Eugene said...

There are many people i dislike far more than Alex, and are far more deserving of a poll... David Bentley?

Anonymous said...

yes - don't feel that any of your options are representative of my feelings for our les

Anonymous said...

you should of realised that kyle lafferty moved to rangers ages ago

sarah said...

ashley cole . u comlete wank