Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The calm before the storm

13 years. I'd say that's how long I've supported Arsenal actively. Maybe twelve. We'll call it twelve and a half.

And yet, I'm not sure I've ever been more up for a game - or a two-legged tie at any rate. Both Barcelona and Galatasary were huge games, but there was no antipathy for the opposition: there was only the possibility of a glorious Arsenal victory. But United add something else to the mix.

Sp*rs: Purportedly our biggest rivals but they've never actually competed for trophies. It's the scum from up north who get my goat. And whilst it might sound odd considering his consistent moaning, it is their treatment of Jose Reyes which still hurts me.

Reyes is often portrayed as a bad footballer who couldn't hack it in the English rain as he didn't have the required physical bulk. This is just wrong: anyone who was at Highbury to see him flip an FA cup tie against Chelsea in our favour will understand that before he got frustrated with the nuances of the Premiership he was a top player: not a waste of money, a world-class youngster.

And yet, he disappeared from Arsenal with very little acknowledgement: shipped off to Spain on loan and then quietly sold.

Why? Because the fucking Man United mercenaries used to target him whenever we played them: it was cheating of the first degree.

Wenger complains that he was only awarded the French titles he should have won but for Marseilles match-fixing, in a quiet ceremony. This, was far worse: at Marseilles, the players didn't know they cheated; at Man United it was part of an initiation ceremony for new players.

As the Guardian match report said after the 2004 FA Cup semi-final when Reyes was only a substitute:
But the dangerous violence was United's:

Roy Keane went unpunished for a hack at Robert Pires and Wenger was rightly appalled by Paul Scholes's dreadful challenge on the substitute José Antonio Reyes.

It will sideline the Spaniard for three weeks with medial ligament damage.

And the previous day's Observer was even more damning of United:
Reyes, on the other hand, was dynamic and looked the one player capable of rescuing the game for Arsenal, until Scholes's malevolent tackle from behind ended his efficacy for three weeks. The Spaniard suffered medial knee ligament damage.

This, in just one game: United time and again targeted Reyes until he had too much. Indeed, United fans were proud of how the Neville brothers "nullified" the Spaniard. Substitute 'nullified' for 'maimed' and you get closer to the truth.

And that truth, is that United were always a dirty team against us for years on end. Ruud van Nistlerooy is a cowardly disgrace and PV4's description of him as "a son of a bitch" can only be questioned in that Ruud looks like more of a horse.

That hatred has stuck with me. You can change your exterior but the interior remains the same. And so, I look forward to this match, to prove to Fergie that despite his millions he cannot have it his own way. His team of mercenaries will kick us. But the little men will be the big men: Dennis Nielson will do Carrick; Fabregas will boss the game.

And Arsenal will win. Or at least that's the theory. With our leaky defence it will be a rollercoaster ride, but the dream of Rome '09, my MSN messenger status for over a year, could fast become a reality.

Happy Tuesday and keep the faith - tomorrow is the big day..


BigBrarthr said...

youre an absolute mug

well done for stating the obvious; thugs like roy keane and scholes, who were/are known for being dirty tacklers, went to crunch the dainty tricky arsenal player. thats what they do.

and the suggestion that denilson will do carrick? absurd. denilson is not only rubbish, but hes got no physical presence. most likely, fabregas will have an impact on the game, but against carrick and scholes he will have a small share of the play.

as much as id like to see you win, and then lose to an henry goal in stoppage time in the final, just for poetry, i cant see it.

Elan said...

you accidentally put a 1 in front of the 3 in your first sentence. Thought you should know.

Anonymous said...

Your a fool. Do you not remember the FA cup when we beat you 4 - 0 and you set about trying to injure our players kicking Nani etc. Or the way you scum mobbed us when Ruud missed that penalty. We are angels compared to you scumbags and i can't wait to see 4 or 5 go past you tommorow.

Josef R. Fritzl said...

Dear Adam,

Although I too have been a gooner for several years, more than you I may add, I feel some of your sentiments are twisted.

You see, you have every right and reason to hate the dirty northern wankers. I know I do. 'Sir' is one of the biggest thugs in football. You can forget Kevin Davies or Christopher Samba; the real menace to justice in the beautiful game is that rednosed cunt. Of course you'll have noticed the inordinate amounts of extra time gifted if United need it at Sold Trafford. Of course Ronaldo that slimy bastard will win free kicks with his diving. Of course no opposition team will ever get a penalty there. Of course not. Why not? For years now, this manager has been a man of whom the press and FIFA have been petrified. Just look at Howard Webb- a classic Manc installed in a position of power so that he can shamelessly abuse it time and again. DIE.

Secondly, the press' shameless sodomising and brown-nosing of the man is something that really makes me angry. When KiKo Macheda scored that goal about which he knew shit all, the press were hailing him as the new George Best, or whatever. When Jack Wilshere, an Englishman no less, turns out for the first team, and scores, aged fucking 16, they bat eyelids and resume their regular self-touching in front of a picture of Wayne Rooney.

That's another thing that kills me- the scumminess of their players. Look at them! Gary Neville, starting from the back; a first class dickhead. In terms of intimidation and terrorism, basically the on-pitch Fergie. An ugly thug of whom England should be ashamed. Ferdinand-massive pikey. Unbelievable how bloody self-obsessed that man is. Jumping on the scorer after a goal in which he played no part, not to show support or congratulation, just to get his ugly pikey mug on the front page of the paper. I hate him too. Scumminess continues through to Ronaldo (smarmy diving cheating winking wanker), Rooney (convicted road-rager , granny-shagger, thug), Berbatov (ugly, overrated, lazy), etc.

These are the reasons, Mr Bernstein, why one should hate United. Also because they bought the league, are northern scum, and are seriously overrated. Best team ever? Seriously?

Not because they ganged up on poor Jose once or twice.


Mr J. Fritzl

sa said...