Friday, 22 May 2009

Further proof that winning trophies isn't everything

I quite enjoyed watching the UEFA cup final. It was a game which featured two dreadful goalkeeping howlers (is 'dreadful' and 'howlers' in one sentence a tautology?)but it was also quite an interesting game to watch and Shakhtar were the better team.

But what underscored all of my thoughts was that Arsenal probably could have won this competition: the two finalists went out of the Champions League at the Group Stage; the 3rd placed team in our group made the semi-finals.

Yet, for all Shakhtar's joy at lifting the trophy, the post-match comments of their manager tell you everything you need to know:
"We have bigger aims. We now want to do things in the Champions League: Reach the quarterfinals, maybe the semi-finals." - Mircea Lucesu

To paraphrase: "I'm pleased to win the Uefa Cup but progressing by a few rounds in the Champions League would be a far greater feat".

Essentially, this reflects how lifting a trophy isn't everything; it has to be the right trophy - if Arsenal won the Carling Cup next season, it wouldn't prove anything.

But clearly, our achievement in reaching the Champions League semi-final is greater than winning the Uefa Cup.

Perhaps some perspective is necessary after all.

Keep the faith,

(Lets make some noise on Sunday and show these players why they should stay at The Arsenal...)


Anonymous said...

You are so dense. This is the most obvious thing I've ever seen. You're going downhill. Please, if you're going to attract my attention, make it worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

U never make any noise yourself i quote and agree "you are so dense"

Anonymous said...

i am inclined to agree with the two posts below. the author of this blog is evidently an ill-informed, pompous, self-righteous armchair supporter, who has probably seldom ventured from his armchair to watch the arsenal.

your point is insultingly obvious and futile. no-one has ever suggested that winning the uefa cup would constitute success. but by the same token, losing in the champions league is essentially a failure. while it might give credence to the argument that arsenal are among europes finest, it has losing in the semis has no other tangible benefits for the club, and certainly not for its supporters.

in future, might i suggest that you think more carefully before blogging, or better, don't blog at all.

you are a buffoon.

ArseneOUT said...

Yes, the UEFA Cup is NOT as good as the Champions League. Well observed.