Thursday, 28 May 2009

A humble apology and a bit of schadenfreude

For various reasons, I don't really have time to write the player ratings which I've promised.

However, next week I'll go through an area of the team each day, culminating in who my player of the season is on Friday.

But I do have a quick word to say about the Champions League final:

1)Undoubtedly the English press have been harsher than they might to United - but thats because their absurd faith in United wasn't vindicated even slightly. I hate to crow but my pre-match prediction of Barca by two clear goals rang true.

2) As Goodplaya points out, there was nothing unlucky about the United defeat - so they are still due bad luck in a European final.

3) I'm enormously pleased for Thierry Henry. Okay, it does negate the theory about players not doing well after leaving Arsenal, but he deserved that medal and has now won everything there is to win: it's a travesty he was never World Player of the Year.

4) And as for Alex Hleb: NOT EVEN IN THE MATCHDAY SQUAD!!
Behind a load of 17 year old kids on the bench again.
HA! I have 3 words for the crab-like, anorexic, bench-warming, Belarussian: You're still shit.

Hopefully it will be Cesc lifting that trophy next year in Madrid.

Keep the faith,


Eyal said...

Just read the goodplaya blog.
U missed out the bit on Sylvhino.
Otherwise it's exactly the same

Adam said...

Neither of us wrote very much, and there are similarities but the suggestion its copied/plagiarised is farcicle.

All gooners will be happy Thierry won, all will be happy United lost, and the one point which is the same, I credit to him unequivocally.

And my condemnation of Hleb is greater.

I'm upset, because whenever I lift something I reference it so to suggest my blog is 'the same' as another one is difficult for me to take.

Eyal said...

awww boobelah