Friday, 15 May 2009

"I do what I can with what I have"

Arsene Wenger's response to a question at last night's shareholders Q and A regarding what sort of transfer budget he would have in the summer.

For me, this epitomises why Wenger cannot be criticised for having a weak squad: possibly certain team selections/substitutions have been incorrect, but in acquiring this squad, he has done an outstanding job.

We are consistently outspent by almost all of the Premier League and that is just on expenditure. When you look at the net amount spent to acquire this squad, it's practically negligible.

Bacary Sagna is the only defender at the club who more than a million pounds was spent on.

That, largely is because Wenger agrees to the huge financial constraints he has imposed on him. Benitez, who incidentally spends far more yet hasn't won anything in three seasons, went moaning to his board saying he wanted more transfer funds. Arsene doesn't do that, and instead, has a young squad with great resale value and phenomenal potential.

For me, the farcical nature of the Q&A was established in that somebody complained about the signing of Silvestre because he's "geriatric". Not because he's crap and can't make a defensive header. But because he's experienced.

The major criticism of this squad is that it doesn't contain enough experience. Yet, when the fans spoke to the manager, they complained about the older players. It epitomises how we have a manager who is in a 'no win' situation.

We live within our means. Arsene has done an outstanding job in keeping us competitive whilst doing that, and still, he is pilloried.

Tomorrow's match is not looking good: suffice to say without Almunia and Gallas we'll struggle to defend against United. But you never know, although the team is in a no-win situation: if they win, it will be proof they cannot handle big games; if they lose, it will be further proof of how we've fallen behind United/Chelsea.

Ultimately, it's a dead game, so I'm really not fussed.
Expect a match report nonetheless.

Keep the faith,

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Simon said...

Idiocy strikes again. You better revise before the exam next week...

1. Geriatric means he can't run. Thus can't defend. Its not his age they're complaining about, its his age-related inability to play.

2. All you have to do to buy more experienced players is sell players. See the fact that despite Tottenham's huge influx of players last summer they still have a net outgoing of less than arshavin's transfer fee.

3. Liverpool may not have won anything in the last three years, but they're clearly a better team than arsenal, as evidenced by this season's table. you can't keep on saying you have a team for the future if that future never comes. football is about what's happening now...