Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ultimately it's about evolution, not revolution

Despite the entire press gathering together and attacking Arsenal (talk about kicking us whilst we're down), they have all missed the point.

Take Lee Dixon on the BBC website, not because he's particularly bad in comparison to the worst, but because he gives the most glaring and simple explanation of where the media have got it wrong:

In the grand scheme of things they need a holding midfielder, another striker, a centre-half who is commanding in the air and a new goalkeeper

And, at risk of sounding like a toddler having a tantrum, it's just not fair.

Of Dixon's suggestions, which ring true?

Holding midfielder? Yes
Centre Back? Possibly.
New striker? No.
Goalkeeper? NO!

And for me, this embodies the whole point of where the media are getting it wrong: I think Arsenal have conceded more goals than the rest of the Big 4 this season, not because of the goalkeeper, but because of a defence which has often been shaken up by injury.

Until the Chelsea game on Sunday, we hadn't conceded a League goal at home this year - that's over 4 months/

Yes, it's 36 goals conceded, but 4 of those were by Fabianski against Liverpool, 4 were by Fabianski against Chelsea, and 4 were conceded in a freak game against Spurs. Chalk those three matches off, and you see our defence is up there with the best.

And I think that is much to do with Almunia making a series of great saves over the season. His goalkeeping has really helped us. The perception amongst fans, is that each year Almunia plays better than the previous season. So to replace him would not only be futile, but would also be a hindrance to the growth of this team.

So, Dixon's next suggestion, a new striker: that also seems a very odd suggestion. We've got two big target men in Ade and Bendtner; we've got somebody who can do something out of nothing: RVP; we've got Eduardo who you can always rely on to get you a goal; we've got Vela, the young unknown quantity; and we've Arshavin who has played very successfully for Russia as a second striker.

In other words, we have every option we could want up front, even if Ade is sold. Another bad call.

Arguably Dixon is right about the need for a centre back and holding midfielder. Yet that doesn't equate with the newspaper reports that Wenger needs to overhaul his squad.

And that's the key point: this squad doesn't need radical change. It just needs a slight service, a little oil here and there to make the team complete.

In other words, evolution of the squad into something better.

Not the revolving door of a revolution of the squad which will just leave loads of new players to bed in.

That's where the press have got it wrong.

Keep the faith,

(Something a bit different to come tomorrow)


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