Friday, 28 August 2009

Eduardo: the new Fritzl?

I was sat on the tube into work this morning and some moron opposite me was reading The Daily Mail. Anyway, to cut a long story short there appeared the headline 'The New Fritzl' which apparently referred to Phillip Garrido and his suspected attacks on Jaycee Lee Dugard.

But it struck me, considering the media furore it could be Eduardo. You'd think he was Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini rolled into one. No, not very fat but the perpetrator of the worst crimes ever.

He played for the penalty. He tried to make contact and cocked it up. But is it alright if you do manage to run into the goalkeeper? Of course it looks bad on video but then watch this:

There's also no contact. And what's more, as different from Rooney, Eduardo didn't appeal.

Eduardo hits the deck and the ref gives it. And that's the crucial point here.
When a referee makes a mistake in the Premiership he is disciplined; this referee has got away scot-free - but he chose to give the penalty.

If it's such a comedy dive from Eduardo, why does he give the penalty? If it's such a ridiculous dive the ref should have seen it.

What's more, banning him for two matches is ridiculous (if it happens). How can it be that if the ref sees it during the match its a yellow card but because he didn't Uefa can retrospectively ban him?

It undermines refereeing decisions - its one thing to ban somebody for violent conduct if the ref completely missed it. But the referee saw the incident and he adjudged it a penalty! - in England it would just be labelled a mistake.

Perhaps he should be given a yellow card for simulation but a two-match ban isn't just excessive, its also preposterous.

One hopes that it won't affect Eduardo in this big match at Old Trafford. Without Fabregas and Nasri, we could really do with a big performance from the Croatian.

Its 4 wins from 4 but that's been against mediocre opposition. United away is one of the hardest matches in the season. To get a good result there early would set a positive tone for the season.

These youngsters would get momentum and kick on. Its a big test for the new formation and whether Tommy Vermaelen really is the player he appears to be.

But the way we're playing I can't think of a better time to go to Old Trafford. Here's hoping...

Keep the faith,

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