Friday, 9 October 2009

Are the Carling Cup draws a sign of sod's law?

Hark back to 2006. It was the first season at The Grove and despite many more tickets being on sale on a match-by-match basis, many gooners couldn't get a ticket to watch their club in the plush new stadium. It was nigh on impossible for Red members to get a ticket.

In those times, we couldn't buy a home draw in the Carling cup. When we easily sold out our stadium, it wasn't till the round where it was impossible not to have a home tie - the semi-finals - that we got a home tie. Sure enough, many who had never been to The Grove before flocked in.

But gradually, people lost interest in Arsenal. Not me, not many fans. But demand for tickets diminished somewhat. Where once games sold out in hours, not it takes weeks. And there was less excitement to revisit the stadium because everybody recognised that Highbury was better. Well, that's over-doing it but I liked Highbury more...

Nonetheless, in 2008, Arsenal had three Carling Cup ties, two of which were at home. With a draw of Liverpool at home, it means at least two more home games this season.

Now interestingly, the Carling Cup always gets huge attendances. The low ticket prices bring in people who don't normally come, despite the fact they know they won't see the first team in action. Attendances of 55,000+ suggest that Carling Cup home games are no bad thing.

But it does seem unlucky that when we wanted to let people into The Grove they couldn't come and now when they are - and bored is the wrong word but it will be used anyway - bored of the new stadium the cup matches come thick and fast. It's not necessarily sod's law but it does seem a little unlucky and unfortunate.

Still, it's just a thought which came to me. I wonder how much it resonates.

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