Thursday, 22 October 2009

Everyone thinks they have the most beautiful wife at home: Arsene at 60

Whilst Arsene Wenger's managerial ability is regularly praised, his wit does not always seem to be appreciated. After all, English is the man's third language and yet his cunning with the language is something I can only aspire to.

Indeed, the only manager who been at the helm of his club for the same amount of time is Fergie. Yet, can you remember a single Ferguson witticism in 13 years?

I can't. The only funny thing Ferguson has done in his time was when he kicked the boot at Beckham. That wasn't intentionally funny. He just sort of lucked out. And English is supposed to be his first langugage!

Despite it being his first language, the only funny thing he has done is something which somebody illiterate could do. He behaved like a thug. Considering how one-eyed he is, there isn't much difference between Fergie and Nick Griffin.

So on Arsene's 60th birthday, it is worth appreciating his wit. Indeed, when Wenger came in, one national newspaper reproduced a line from The Vicar of Dibley to suggest that "It’s the worst idea since Hitler’s dad said to Hitler’s mom “Go upstairs Brunhilde! I’m feeling saucy tonight!”.

That is often brushed aside in favour of the 'Arsene Who?' headline. But whilst some would suggest it is because references to Hitler are frowned upon, I would suggest it is because that line is supposed to be funny; yet many Wenger lines are much funnier.

My three favourites are:

"Sorry, I'm a year late" - Following Arsenals unbeaten premiership campaign - this follows his comments a year previous saying that Arsenal could go a season without defeat.

"Days not weeks" - when asked about Rosicky's injury

And, undoubtedly top of the list:

"Everyone thinks they have the most beautiful wife at home" - rebutting Fergie's claim that United are the best despite not winning the League.

His managerial class is undoubted, but it is also his wit and general good humour which make Arsene so popular in my household.

Happy 60th Arsene!

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