Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The point missed earlier. Arguably two of them

The phrase which was needed earlier to explain the result was 'in the greater scheme of things'.

Now it will be used. (Ironically, I'm not taking the piss).

The point is (geddit?), that whilst it was two points dropped rather than one gained, in the greater scheme of things its completely irrelevant. In the League, all 38 matches count at the end of the season. In the Champions League it is simply about getting through the group stage.

As such, the two points which we dropped are unimportant; they will not be missed.

This was basically just supposed to correct an earlier flaw, so we'll leave it there.

Keep the faith,

Oh actually, one other thing: the Alkmaar kit: Beautiful. It seems harsh to glorify in their sponsor going bust but a plain red shirt with white sleeves is perfect. Maybe one day Nike will 'go back' to the days of the 70s. I think not. But kudos to Alkmaar: you had an inferiority complex but at least you had a nice kit...

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