Sunday, 15 November 2009

Stupid internationals, stupid media

Coming in late last night, a little tipsy, I noticed a friend had emailed me a link to a Youtube clip of Van Persie going off injured after a tackle by Giorgio Chiellini.

If you watch the video, Chiellini does little wrong. Robin bursts into the box and he comes across to cut it out - whilst my original reaction (below) was to blame him, I don't think this is fair.


But a wider question does emerge. It's true of England yesterday as well. And that question is a fairly simple one, which nobody can argue about.

Whatever your opinions on international football, we all know the supposed reason that friendlies are necessary: it's so teams can get used to playing together so that the level of football is higher in the competitive matches. And whilst I'm no fan of international football, I can understand that.

Nonetheless, the problem is that it doesn't happen. International friendlies shouldn't be scrapped out of hand, but aside from 'warm-up matches' immediately prior to a tournament, they're a waste of time.

England's match against Brazil yesterday wasn't helpful for teaching the team about playing together. And the reason for this, is that only one or two of the players who played, would routinely expect to be part of the England team.

That is why I'm angry about RVP's injury. Sure, international football has a role to play. But it was a meaningless game where the Dutch played a very much weakened team. So he's got injured playing in a match which was a complete waste of time and utterly meaningless. And that, truly, is criminal.

But the media still need to be kept in check. By all accounts, RVP will be missing for a couple of months, but it's easy to over-egg the pudding here. Yes, he has been a vital player for us this season. Yes, Bendtner is also injured, and Theo seems to be perennially out while Vela has played about 15 minutes this season.

However, the reaction that Arsenal's season is suddenly going to go down the pan is ridiculous. He's not even our best player, and Eduardo can slot in as a like-for-like replacement. One of the brilliant things about Arsenal is that we've never been a one-man team. To put it in absolute terms, we're not Liverpool.

It's unbelievable how much hyperbole is out there. Until he's had a scan, it's impossible to know how long he will be gone for. But even if our mercurial Dutchman doesn't play again this season Arsenal can cope.

Keep the faith,


Davi said...

He has been one of our most important players so far, but I think a combination of eduardo and vela can cover it. I wouldnt call either of them like-for-like, but eduardo shares a bit of van persies cleverness and might end up getting a few more goals.
I see this as an excellent opportunity for wenger to get vela in the 1st team and give him a proper run of games. He is the future imo

sa said...