Sunday, 24 January 2010

Having watched the TV highlights, three extra conclusions from today

1) Perhaps Wenger was correct: watching on TV, the pitch didn't look great. But having said that, it wasn't unplayable, and two of the three Stoke goals came from successful dribbles up the flanks. Something Walcott didn't manage all day.

Ultimately, the pitch is the same for both teams and if Stoke can dribble on it, than our supposedly infinitely more talented players should also be able to do so.

2) Fabianski isn't much cop. Implicitly earlier, by not criticising him I suggested he should be absolved of blame.

But having watched the highlights, one does have to question his positioning at crosses. Of course he's young and does display some talent (in contrast to our English winger) but nevertheless, he wasn't great.

No great goalkeeper has simply been a shot-stopper. Although of course it is worth pointing out that there is nothing to suggest Almunia would have been any better.

3) Stoke played some nice football. It's all too easy to argue that we were simply out-muscled. Partly, that's true. But Matty Etherington is a relatively small guy. His, was one of the standout performances for Stoke. And it was a performance of dribbling well, tracking back, and putting in good crosses.

Perhaps le boss should get certain team members to watch the video...

Keep the faith,

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