Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Exclusive: Fran Merida to stay at Arsenal this summer

At tonight's reserves match against Wolves, I bumped into Fran Merida at half-time.

Well 'bumped into' is somewhat disingenuous. I spotted him from afar, but at first shied away from approaching him. My policy is that I would not particularly appreciate strangers randomly accosting me.

But then I thought of the loyal reader(s?) of Arsereview and saw the possibility of my first scoop.

So approach him I did. And after getting past the pleasantries, I posed him the question "Fran, will you leave for Athletico Madrid this summer?".

To which he responded:

"No, I stay".

So there we have it: not only did he say he wouldn't go to Athletico, he said he wouldn't go to any other club.

Now Arsereview is not just another view of all things Arsenal; it is first for Fran Merida news*.

Keep the faith,

*Disclaimer: he may have been lying. This is possible. I know footballers are admired for their integrity, but still....

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Anonymous said...

Shit site.

Oh yeah, very believable...