Sunday, 9 May 2010

F is for Fulham and for finished.

And so, this is it. I am writing this after midnight so I guess it truly is the final day of the season.

It seems like a long time ago that I blogged from Israel on the eve of our match at Goodison Park. A really long time. A lot more than nine months. And that is in no small part to it having been an emotionally draining season. At the very least, Arsenal still harboured hopes of silverware going into April and so the failure has been very equivocal.

That said, Arsenal have come over all Nick Clegg on us and faded as the finishing line was in site. (Or is it the other way round, since Arsenal fell apart before the Lib Dems). Regardless, a strong finish would have left us optimistic going into next season.

Instead, Arsenal haven't won two games in a row for two months. The momentum is most certainly not with us. Which is why it is all the more important for Arsenal to beat Fulham: the sheer horror of Spurs finishing above Arsenal is not a possibility worth contemplating.

There is a lot to celebrate from this season for all the lack of silverware. But that would all be forgotten if Arsenal conspire to lose to Fulham tomorrow.

Aside from anything else, it will doubtless be the last time several squad members will be seen in Arsenal colours. There are no villains like Adebayor or Cashley. These people have all tried their best and at the end of a 54 games season it is time to show our appreciation.

At some point this coming week, the season need to be dissected. But for now, lets finish with at least some respect left against Fulham. Maybe, just maybe, F can be for final flourish.

Keep the faith,

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