Friday, 21 May 2010

So where will Marouane Chamakh fit in?

Another French-African striker joins Arsenal. The question is, will he be more Thierry Henry or Kaba Diawara?

Part of it, will probably depend on the tactical set-up. Sylvain Wiltord was a quite good striker but Wenger insisted on playing him as a right winger where he rarely flourished.

Presumably having conceded over 40 goals in the Premiership over 38 games - at risk of stating the obvious more than a goal a game - the flirtation with 4-3-3 will be given up. Much though I'd like to see a 3-5-2 with Eboué and Clichy as attacking wing-backs, Wenger is not a tactical innovator. It is probably fair to bank on Arsenal reverting to playing 4-4-2 this coming season.

It seems likely that Eduardo and Vela may well now be deemed surplus to requirements. I'd be more inclined to give the Mexican another chance simply because of his age; a realistic judgment - putting sentiment out of mind - must come to the conclusion that Eduardo is no longer good enough to play for Arsenal.

Perhaps the manager will also finally accept that Theo 'I don't have a single trick' Walcott is not going to make it as a winger and will try and play him up front. But he has spent four years watching Walcott do the same thing with varying degrees of success and has never stopped him yet.

So the reality is, that leaves Arsenal probably playing 4-4-2 and those two strikers will likely come from a pool containing Van Persie, Bendtner, Chamakh and Carlos Vela. Considering the other areas which need addressing, I'd be shocked to see the manager invest in another striker this summer.

That may be something of a folly: if when Van Persie gets injured Arsenal will be left with a forward line that is much of a muchness - Nick B and Chamakh are similar players. Personally, if I were Nicklas Bendtner (and to clarify, I'm not) I'd be a little upset considering how he finished the season, if another striker came in and immediately took my place. If he were a Football Manager player, he would undoubtedly be classed as 'unhappy'.

Presumably, its two from three from RVP, Chamakh and Bendtner. Presumably also both of them will want to play. On second thoughts, maybe Arsene will stick with the 4-3-3. That's the natural way for Chamakh to fit in. More realistically, Van Persie will get injured at the World Cup...

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Anonymous said...

As an Arsenal fan I am very happy to see Chamakh joins the Gunners. I think the Moroccan French born striker because of the skills that he possess can fit more on the flanks. He's not a goal scoring striker but possess skills that makes him to play more like Chris Ronaldo.

So I think he need more room to show skills and play behind strikers to create chances to score goals bearing in mind that we are likely to loose our potential midfielder Cesc.

For that case Wenger needs to buy new young experienced striker to play with RVP and help to nurture Bendtner who needs to be nurtured. The likes of strikers that I would love to see one of them joins Arsenal in either Benzema of Dzeko. The other thing is, we are not sure of RVP fitness so we need to have another potential striker if anything happens