Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Henry as Arsenal manager?

The debacle of the French performance at the World Cup was entirely expected. The players were too old, and Domenech too over-paid and arrogant a coach.

But what I found most interesting was what happened after the players' rift with Domenech. Because what the BBC commentator repeatedly said was that it was Henry who took the players through the warm-up and seemed to be pulling them together.

Now if it was him 'managing' them, he clearly has some work to do as they were battered by South Africa. And he's clearly also very self-indulgent as he subbed himself on despite being in shockingly bad form.

But Arsene Wenger didn't start with much success and Mourinho (who clearly is a success) is the most self-indulgent manager out there. He also made some comments in The Time Magazine on Saturday about being interested in management - I can't link them because of the ridiculous paywall.

Anyway, it's not exactly hard to put two and two together and make four: Wenger's contract is up next year. Henry has seen someone in his mid-thirties be rejuvenated by management (Guardiola). Henry always talks about wanting to return to London. Henry needs to get his competitive edge back.

Let me be clear here: this is just speculation on my behalf. But I think it's interesting nonetheless and Arsenal may well be tempted having seen how successful Guardiola has been and the dearth of good coaches out there.

There was a story doing the rounds that Beckham could be the next England manager. But that was undermined by the fact Beckham never really had an understanding of tactics - he was merely a set-piece man / crosser of the ball. Henry did. He understood how the game worked. Him as Arsenal manager seems a lot more likely. Although its still unlikely.

Anyway, I'm off in a little over six hours to Bulgaria and Turkey for three weeks. It's unlikely I'll post unless a really big story breaks so expect the next post just before the Emirates Cup. I'll try and do some scouting while I'm there...

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