Friday, 15 October 2010

Birmingham preview: let's beat these bastards

My history teacher at school often went on about a reciprocal relationship - you give something and you get something back in return.

Birmingham have never bought into the idea of a reciprocal relationship. They're all take and no give. We gave them Seb Larsson, Fabrice Muamba, and Nicklas Bendtner on loan - they gave us Eduardo with a broken leg and conned the referee into a penalty decision which arguably cost us the League in 2008.

We were reasonable people and started to forgive Birmingham for trying to defend Martin Taylor. So they let Kevin Phillips score a flukey equalising goal which cost us the League again.

And they employ Lee Bowyer, a man who should be behind bars.


But perhaps they've finally bought into the reciprocal relationship: they've signed Alex Hleb on loan. If Hleb plays, tomorrow's match could - in a very loose sense of the word - be hilarious. For surely Hleb will perform as some kind of playmaker for them? In which case we may see the first match ever with 90 minutes of sideways passing and nothing else.

I jest of course, but we have to fancy our chances with Alex Hleb in the opposition team. He never really convinced me and even though we're still shorn of our best players, I'd hope for a return to winning ways.

Birmingham have cost us repeatedly. They've injured our players and been unapologetic about it. They've rarely done us a favour by taking points of our opposition.

Surely the law of averages suggests they've just got to allow us a nice easy, feel-good victory tomorrow? I bloody well hope so. I hate these bastards.

Keep the faith,

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