Wednesday, 16 February 2011

This is what we follow football for - Barcelona preview

15:15, London

Describing something abstract as palpable tends to irritate me, but I genuinely can feel the excitement. In a little over four hours, Arsenal will kick off against Barcelona - arguably the best club side in the world.

All over the pitch there are exciting battles - Theo v Maxwell, Van Persie v Milito, Fabregas v Busquets, and, most mouth-wateringly of all, Eboue v Messi.

And yet I believe we can win. Barca haven't been involved in many genuinely competitive matches recently, and it will be interesting to see how they cope.

I'm not an expert on tactics, but I think what's vital for us to win the game is to have the ball. Obvious you might say, but Barca's tactics are based on pressing - if Arsenal have the ball more than 40% of the time, they will tire.

It's for that reason, I'd like to see Denilson play tonight - ball retention is really important tonight, and he's our best player at that. But more than that, his ability to intercept the ball could prove crucial tonight.

My prediction is an Arsenal win, I can't say by what score, but lets get behind the boys - this could be a special, special night.


Keep the faith.

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