Wednesday, 9 March 2011

One of the worst refereeing decisions I've ever seen.

Barcelona 3 Arsenal 1

If you rule out a goal for offside - like the one at the weekend - and you're wrong, it's acceptable. It's not right, but it's very hard to always get those decisions right in the middle of a match. That's why attackers are supposed to be given the benefit of the doubt, although they usually aren't.

This was different.

This was an example of the referee clearly having no idea what it's like to be a player, rather than the man with the whistle - how was Robin supposed to hear him?

And that overlooks that if you were looking to time-waste, there are much better ways. We see them at the Grove regularly, and they involve taking a minute to take each goal kick.

Aside from the poverty of the decision, I actually find it offensive that Busacca was insinuating Arsenal would timewaste with half an hour to play.

In all, an absolute farce which changed the game.

More thoughts to follow.

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marcus.catt58 said...

I agree completely -- It is up there with the very worst decisions ever made by a referee not working in a local park on a Sunday morning. Its not why good old Arsenallost the game though -- They did not play well -- they were too narrow in defense giving Barca all the wide ground and they did not move enough off the ball when in possession to provide options for for the man with the ball which made it easy for Barca to close them down and get the ball back -- and the team who has the ball normally wins!