Friday, 15 April 2011

Kroenke's takeover makes the next seven games even more important. Blackpool match report.

Blackpool 1 Arsenal 3

That was the week that was - a tumultuous week in the history of Arsenal Football Club.

To be frank, the most notable thing in a business-sense about Arsenal was that it hadn't been sold at this point - in a sense, it's the perfect investment, a team which delivers solidity and consistent qualification for the Champions League, together with a club which routinely makes a profit. It was only the lockdown agreement which had stopped Arsenal going the way of Chelsea, United, Liverpool, Spurs, Villa et al a long time ago in my opinion.

For me, while I was reasonably happy with having no one individual with overall control, I'd rather have Kroenke than Usmanov. He has a known track record of using his sports clubs as investments, rather than as 'playthings' a la Abramovich/Sheik Mansour.

So while on the one hand having the club owned almost entirely by two businessmen we know little about may be construed a bad thing, it looks like very little will change, at least in the short-term.

I do wonder, in the medium-term, how important the next seven games are. It's unlikely, but with a League title in the trophy cabinet, I can't see Kroenke dreaming of trying to tinker for several years. On the other hand, a trophyless season and a summer without a major international tournament would give many fans three months to demand signings. And I wouldn't expect Kroenke to just completely ignore that.

The takeover was precipitated by the illness of Danny Fiszman, and having tweeted something a little glib about not understanding why he had sold his shares, I think it's worth appreciating everything he did for the club - it was he, lest we forget, who made the decision that we would stay in the Arsenal area, rather than moving to Wembley, and the Emirates stadium is very much his legacy. The re-naming of the bridges in honour of Fiszman and Danny Friar, is as Goonerholic put it, another sign of how we're Classenal.

In amongst all this news, it's easy to forget that we also played a football match this week. And we won!

Sunday's win at Bloomfield Road kept the title race alive, and the next four games are hugely important. Sure, it would have been nice to make up ground on United, but I don't think anyone earmarked last weekend as the time to gain on them. If we can narrow the gap to a point, I have little doubt they will drop points somewhere - and if they don't, well then they probably deserve to win the League.

It was a good to win but this Blackpool side has got worse and worse. Ian Holloway's complaints about offside decisions would have carried more weight if we hadn't got in behind them over and over again. With the players actually running with the ball, rather than checking their runs, we saw the true potential Abou Diaby and Theo Walcott have to influence a game.

But despite how we contrived to make things difficult, Blackpool were not difficult opponents. The big game is this weekend, and it will give us some information on our chances for the rest of the season.

Win, and it could be a massive six games. Lose, and we're playing for second. It's that simple. Lets win it for Danny.

Keep the faith.

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